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Sorry for my buggy, not very well thought out excuse for a game. Avg Playtime 10-15 minutes.


Story (Kinda

Soundtrack (https://soundcloud.com/flygamer101)


Everything - Gameplay




These are just some of the many emotions we feel throughout our lives. But what if they all


Many years ago, the Gods of the world removed all emotions from people, deciding that in order to reign supreme forever, the human's shouldn't feel anything.

But that all changes when Miyuki, a girl, is caught up in the godly affairs of Yuu, and the two go out. In order to free Yuu, you release the emotion of Loneliness, and after that decide there is much more to the world than it seemed.

This is the story of Emotions and how they affect our lives.


In a later version, the battle scene will probably be removed completely in favor of a better combat system. I don't know what yet.

This is completely unfinished. Right off the bat, I apologize for my "Combat" thing in the middle xD Seems so out of place. I kenw I wouldn't be able to finish in time, so for the last 2 hours or so, I cobbled together a shortened version of my original ending Idea, so the game doesn't feel right. I really wanted a good story driven game, but it just isn't that impactful considering how it is presented. Still, hope you enjoyed


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